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Ultimate Curling Products Inc.

Photo Gallery

Ultimate Curling Gripper Ultimate Curling Gripper Ultimate Curling Gipper This is my new gripper installed on my shoe. It has about 20% more grip on the ice than a regular gripper and the words used by players that have tried it say Wow. I have found out that the colder it gets the better traction there is. To install it on your shoe place the smooth side down on the ice and step on the large portion of the gripper and pull the black vinyl tab over the toe of your shoe. Then lift up your heel and pull the back of the gripper over your heel. The composition and design of the rubberized elastic gives it the traction on the ice. I have been using it for 60 games this season 2012/2013 and it has held up really well compared to others I have used in the past. NO BLACK MARKS on the ice. 174931316 Regular Curling Shoe This is my curling shoe that is approx 6 years old and has stood up really well. Other than the gripper that has been failing for 3 years. Leaving foot prints and black marks on the ice that is Taboo in the sport of Curling. The texture on the gripper sole has been worn down and leaves foot prints on the ice. 174931317 Ultimate Gripper Installed This photo shows the Ultimate Curling Gripper installed. The black Vinyl Tab acts like a shoe cap that does not let your shoe create any drag with the trailing foot on the ice. 174931318 Ultimate Gripper on a Slidder Shoe When it is your turn to throw your rocks you just pull it off the back and roll it up and put it in your pocket. I have not seen any dirt made on the underside of the gripper like the other types of grippers. You know that black dirt that you see beside the hack that comes out of the gripper and sticks to your slidder if you do not clean it! 174931319