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Ultimate Curling Products Inc.

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Ultimate Curling Broom Head


 I have a new product change. With me constantly trying new things I have changed the broom heads that I make. I have added an air pocket between the material and the foam. This air pocket keeps the material even colder preventing heat from being created when sweeping. Which then slows down the pebble from being worn away and the ice going flat. Making the pebble last even longer. 10/5/2014

This product is a Handmade Custom Curling Broom Head. Made from lightweight plastic that is solid and I believe is more durable. Regular broom heads are either .20 lbs. or .25 lbs. My broom heads are .20 lbs. I am now putting a hole in the middle of the plastic form. With an experiment that I have done with a competitors broom head that has a piece of hard plastic in between the foam and the fabric. When I had recovered this type of broom head  with my fabric, we did a test on ice that had a lot of frost on it. Using two separate brooms the comepetitors broom head had frost on it for two seconds then the frost melted and the other broom (that was mine) the frost stayed on it and it did not melt. This really puzzled us and what we believe is that since the other broom head has the plastic in it, it kept any heat that was created. It might be like icicles on the roof of a house, the reason there is icicles because there is no free flow of air in the roof of the house, letting the heat go to the shingles that melts the snow and creates icicles. I came up with the idea of putting a hole in my broom head plastic to give it a bellows effect. So now when the sweeper takes pressure off the broom pad it draws in new cold air, which has  improved on the design of a curling broom head. My broom heads stayed cold before and now with this I believe that they will stay even colder. I am doing more research and intend to do another video showing the difference between my broom heads and others. --- I am now adding an extra piece of Ultimate Curling Broom Head material to your order for each new broom head you order. 

I have increased the price of the broom heads that I make under the advice of curlers and friends that say they are better then others on the market. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. For United States orders I am using Purolator Courier so it will get to you quicker. New colours added light blue      "Yellow Is Back"  

Please send an e mail with your purchase with your phone number included. The courier company needs it to call you if you are not at home after they have made an attempt.

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