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"The Max" Broom Head


Introducing "The Max" Broom Head. I made this last year and have been doing some testing with it. If you wish to see it please take a look at the photos of it. It is 50% larger and it fits onto a regular performance/ tournament style broom like the one's in the photos. It has 3 holes drilled into the plastic to let the broom head breathe better to keep it cold like the ice. I am only covering it in Black/Blue/Burgundy/Green/White in color because this is for sweepers who want to go to another level, and will not be using it as a target. Also I will add one extra piece of Ultimate Broom Head Fabric to your order. I have increased the price of the broom heads that I make under the advice of curlers and friends that say they are better then others on the market. Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

Please send an e mail with your phone number included with your purchase. The Courier company needs it to call you if you are not at home or to get directions.

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