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Ultimate Curling Products Inc.

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Web Store

Ultimate Curling Broom Head Fabric for "the Max"


Ultimate Broom Head Fabric to recover your broom heads yourself. It is easy to attach yourself. You need a staple gun with 1/4 inch staples . Just remove the staples from your used broom head and replace it with my ultimate fabric. When you feel that one side of the fabric is worn out ( we change after approximately 13 games) then remove the staples and flip the material over and restaple. It is just like new on the other side. You will be receiving two broom heads for the price of one. (oh yeah bonus) I decided to do it this way to send the pre-cut pieces fit broom heads. This helps to cut down on shipping costs because it will be cheaper sending the material then the broom heads through the mail for me to recover.

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